Friday, March 04, 2011

30 day song challenge - Day Twenty Four

Day 24 - a song you want played at your funeral
"Forever Young" by Bob Dylan

In many ways, I look at this song as a wonderful welcome to a baby. Welcome to this world, may you do great things, may you love God and do good unto others, and may you always stay forever young.

In other ways, I look at this song as a great send off for someone when they pass away. Did you do these things? Was this you? Did you stay forever young?

For me, I hope that is the case, no matter how old I am when I die. If it is tomorrow, or when I'm 90. I hope that people recognize in me a youthfulness that isn't immaturity but is one that is fun-loving and filled with joy, willingness, curiosity and adventure.

And as my life goes forward, I look at that song and aspire to these ideals. to be this person that Bob is singing about.

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