Sunday, March 06, 2011

30 day song challenge - day Twenty Six

Day 26 - a song you can play on an instrument
HHS Fight Song - HHS Marching band

I can play the fight song from my high school marching band, seen here in video from 2009 when we had our reunion and marched in the town homecoming parade. I wasn't playing when this video was shot - because I wanted to film the action. But I can play it. No really, I can.

Funny thing is 2 hours before we filmed this, I could not play it. I barely could remember how to play my flute. It wasn't working right even though I just paid 75 dollars to have it rehabbed. I had taken it out of storage, where it sat for 20 something years.

I couldn't even remember how the fight song WENT. It wasn't until I got into the flute room, and luckily sat next to Eric (who is a music teacher and great flute player) that it all started coming back to me.

So yeah. I was a band nerd, geek, whatever you want to call me. But I can play this song. And now I can play a couple others.

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