Wednesday, March 02, 2011

30 day song challenge - Day Twenty Two

Day 22 - A song you listen to when you are sad
"Magic" by Ben Folds Five

For me this is a very sad song, a love song but very sad nonetheless. The concept of losing someone that you love so much yet still being able to write a song like this is amazing. I believe, if I recall what I'd read, Darren Jesse wrote this for his grandmother on her deathbed.

Close second to this for me is Death Cab for Cutie's "What Sarah Said," where the lyric is "love is watching someone die, so who's gonna watch you die?"

Wrapping love with the concepts of loss, permanent loss... not break up or have a fight loss, breaks my heart. If I need a good cry, I turn to these two songs and have at it.

Works every time.

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