Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Actual Entry Entry, Not Just a Song Post...

Oh hai.

I've been proud of myself in making sure I blog daily with my 30 day song challenge... but I'm not actually blogging entries. You, dear reader, deserve something other than me talking about a song and my thoughts of it based on a list that someone else made up for the world to ponder.

Several items of note:

On the employment front, still no full time job but for the past few weeks I have been working for my friend Jo, whom I met through blogging (she was the writer of Counting Sheep for a long time, and now writes Amuse Bouche, a foodie/food/life blog for the Boston Area). Jo runs a cooking school, and it kind of super kicks ass and I love going there and helping her out. I jokingly don't call it "work," I call it "awesome." As in, "hey honey, I'm going to awesome," or "How was your day at awesome today?" The pros are it is ... awesome. The con, and the only con there is, is the distance of the commute. It takes about an hour to get there no matter which way I go. I leave here around 10am to avoid as much traffic as I can. If I leave there any later than 4pm, I'm doomed. Traffic is awful, and I hate the distance. Gas being a factor, it may get to the point where what I earn in a week is what I'm putting in my tank, so ... we may have to evaluate what I'm doing where for her... If I can do a full day here, and two days there, then it would work out.

Would that I had a teleporter or hovercraft.

Anyway, it makes me so happy to have a place to go during the day that isn't my couch. I'm coming up on a year un/under employed, and as always, I had great dreams about getting stuff done and projects out of the way and working for myself on things here with the laptop, but ... none of that came to fruition. I need more structure, a format, and other humans around me. Jo's company provides what I need in that respect so I feel more awake and alive than I've felt in months.

Some of that may have something to do with the snow receding. Five feet of snow was a lot, and down south of here where I'm working, the snow is basically gone gone gone. Here, we still have a solid foot, even in the areas getting beat down by sunshine during the day. We had a 60 degree day and a bunch of rain, which helped... I can see some grass out there, and the dog trails around the yard are down to the grass for the most part. I'll be relieved when it is all gone. Three solid months of this was too much for me this year.

Jess is home for spring break. It has been fun having her here. We have been staying up late and watching TV together. And then she sleeps while I go to work, and I come home to things tidied up nicely, which is such a blessing. My kitchen looks wonderful.

Yesterday, one of her friends from Pitt named Cordelia emailed me and asked what we were doing (she lives 1/2 hour north of us). She wanted to hang out with us. Turns out she was in Lexington and slightly stranded. She was hanging out with friends from Pitt and spring break wasn't going the way she'd envisioned it, so she wanted to escape. I picked her up and brought her home with me, surprised Jess totally. They cooked dinner and then baked cupcakes and made frosting from scratch for us. It was wonderful to hear them in the kitchen working quietly, and then laughing out loud about something. I just got home from driving Cordelia to her house so she could spend time with her own family. I wouldn't mind her sticking around longer to entertain Jess and just be here. She's a real sweetie.

Geoff is getting braces put on his top teeth tomorrow. He had spacers put in last week, which he's ripped out twice because they were uncomfortable to him. He refuses to take ibuprofen or tylenol because "that's cheating." I told him relief of pain is not "cheating." I'm hoping he'll take me up on the medication when the braces get put on, or he's really going to be uncomfortable.

He's only having the top teeth done right now, because his bottom teeth and jaw are going to take some surgery. When he gets to be about 18, they're going to correct his under bite, which is a "Class 3" Malocclusion. His bottom teeth cover up his front teeth completely. Essentially, they have to wait until he's done growing and then they will actually break his jaw, push it back, reset it... they'll remove his wisdom teeth at that time, and then a few months later, after he's healed, they'll put on the bottom braces.

We've known this was coming for about 5 years now. It may be the worst thing ever. I'm not looking forward to it... He isn't either.

In the meantime, he's told me he is going to audition for the middle school play, and will do so before the braces get put on next week. Wish him luck.

I think that's about it. I need to get ready for "awesome" right now so I should get going.

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  1. Uggh I hope better employment comes soon...