Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The night before surgery

I was going to write a what I saw today kind of post, with descriptions of the clouds that I saw as I drove home in the thunderstorm. One looked like the head of a Scottish Lion. Roaring. Scary.

Also, I wanted to write about seeing Death Cab For Cutie the other night at the horrible Bank of America Pavilion. I loved them, and hate the venue. I wanted to write in full about how I loved their performance of "We Looked Like Giants," a song that reminds me of Doug and me in the infancy of our relationship. If you know the song you can imagine. If you don't go find it.

But tonight I'm not really into writing anything and wanted actually to go right to bed when I got home.  The drive from Newton was difficult with the weather, very stressful. And so I just wanted to retreat to bed. Instead I watched South Park with my husband and had a good laugh.

I'm off to sleep now, and in the morning will head to the hospital to have my surgery. I'll have an overnight stay in the hospital, and be home sometime on Thursday night. So wish me luck, I'll be needing it.

And will write about the concert and other stuff when I can. I have a lot to say about BOA pavilion, and my love for DCFC.

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