Monday, August 22, 2011

A To Do List

This is mostly so I do not lose track of what is going on over the next 72 hours. These are all the things I need to do in order for us to get Jess back off to college:

car inspection for subaru,
clean out subaru for doug and jess road trip,
appointment for other car to get the straight pipe fixed and then get inspected,(both will happen Monday)
gas for both vehicles,
shopping for last minute stuff for jess to finish packing for college,
stuff for geoff for school,
call Pitt financial aid to find out our balance,
nag doug's ass so he calls fidelity to get the cash distributed from our 529 plan,
call mefa student loans to borrow some cash to cover fall 2011 balance and spring 2012,
call a mess of people to follow up on donations for our bsa cookout in september and make sure we're all set,
email all the parents in bsa troop to remind them about the water/soda/cooler donations that we need,
update church website now that there is a secretary there,
clean the guinea pig cage (can get geoff to do that),
call the vet about 2 dogs who seem to have allergies or hot spots, (appointment made for Tuesday afternoon at 5:30)
go to the bank and get jess' account updated to have checking now that she's old enough,

if you don't hear from me by Thursday assume that my head exploded.

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