Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thoughts on Florida

I am in a tank top and panties.

In a hotel bed. In Orlando Florida.

Doug is asleep in the next bed. I'm going to make another cocktail and watch the season 3 finale of Supernatural on my laptop (God bless streaming Netflix!) and go to sleep.

Before that... some observations.

  • First of all, Manchester NH airport is THE way to go if you live north of Boston. Easy and cheap parking, and great effort by the ground crew to make sure flights in blizzards get off the ground. Also, very nice TSA agents. 
  • I hate babies on planes. I love babies... but. Man alive. I hate them on planes. I subjected the world to Geoff once, in 2001. It was the hardest trip I've ever taken. He didn't scream or fight or cry but he didn't understand that he had to stay in his seat and he wore me out... I felt bad for all the other passengers. 
  • The baby next to us did pretty good... there was some screaming. But thank God once we were in the air my ears were too clogged to hear any of his yelling and his parents trying to cope with him. I needed a cocktail after the flight. 
  • Disney should be in charge of just about every federal government agency. People would be so much nicer and more helpful. So far our experience here in Orlando at a Disney Resort has been amazing. I feel almost guilty because everyone is so nice. Please, be somewhat rude to me. I'll be okay with it. 
  • That said, shuttle buses to get around the whole area suck. We left at 6pm for a 7pm reservation for dinner and were 10 minutes late. 
  • There is no really good one stop comprehensive map to show you ALL of what Disney offers so it is slightly confusing. I'm starting to figure shit out, but it has been hard. 
  • We are staying at a hotel/conference center called Coronado Springs. The celebration of Spanish Colonization and Mayan Culture. Which cracks me up because it is kind of weird to "celebrate" both, considering Colonization wiped out the Mayan Culture. But.... hey! let's celebrate it! Woooo! 
  • They take this whole Mouse motif very seriously. 
  • I walked over 3.5 miles today. My feet are not used to hiking/walking and now I have the biggest blisters on my left foot. 
  • Rum is a wonderfully numbing. 
  • We went to the Boardwalk for dinner tonight and Cat Cora's "Kouzzina" was fantastic. Well not 100% fantastic. The food was mind-blowingly good. But the service wasn't the best. Our waiter was very good, but very slow and deliberate. No one bussed our table, so we sat there for 20 minutes with our appetizer plates, only got offered one chance to order a cocktail (no "can I get you another drink, sir?") And we sat for 30 minutes with empty dinner plates in front of us. Not sure why. 
  • This may be why you always need a reservation for any restaurant in the Disney world... no one buses tables. 
  • 70 degrees feels cold in the rain. But it feels much much warmer than 41 degrees in the snow. 
  • Always remember your sweatshirt. 
  • There are Disney characters that we don't recognize. We noticed there are no references to certain characters though, like ... where are the 101 dalmatians? But what is that platypus thing? Rur? 
Okay. Me and the Winchester boys have a date. Photos coming soon.

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