Saturday, June 28, 2014

I suppose an update would be nice

Hello interwebs. It has been a little while. I started the contract job in mid-May and have been busy ever since. Today is a beautiful day and what am I doing? Catching up on updating webpages that I edit (um, yeah... a bit behind on a couple of them) and I am conditioning a dutch oven that our son brought back from a boy scout trip several months ago... I should go outside and play. But I'd rather take a big nap.

Someone, encourage me to take a big nap. No? oh, okay.

So the job goes well, I like my team but at times I'm confused as to how to pursue things and what is going to not get worked on and what will get worked on. I have a servant's heart so not doing something that someone has asked for often is not something that makes sense to me. I feel there is a lot of historical, community knowledge that I don't know, so I'm often told that I'm asking people too often for things.

This is why I dislike tech support.

Anyway - overall, I am doing okay even when I don't exactly understand why they do things the way they do. I've grown to like the folks in the office. I'm having fun. And the pay is good.

We are getting ready for me to miss a week of that pay - we'll be going to Aaron's wedding in August, and he asked me to be his Best Man. I asked him to call me "witness for the groom" and he said no -- "you're my bro, so... Best Man!" And I'm not hung up on gender stereotyping so ... it's cool.

Some people think it is weird, and then someone asked me if Aaron was gay... it is something for people to have to fit their heads around a little bit, I guess.

We are looking for fun stuff to do that week, and I think there will be fishing and kayaking in the mix, and there may be pub crawls to bars that have Sasquatch statues at them.

We shall see.

All told -- I'm doing alright. I don't have much to say, although I should go on my rant about the vegan food truck that parks at the end of my street once a week and limits the Monday food choices for me, so I bring my lunch so as not to have to deal with it. 'Murica, all like that.


  1. Do you only get one food truck and on Monday's it's a vegan one? Or do they "park at the end of the street" as in hunker down with machine guns and machetes threatening all the other food trucks that want to be on your street?

    1. there is a different truck every day of the week at Seaport and Thomson. The next closest food truck stop is at south station and i don't wanna schlep all the way up there for lunch so on mondays, i bring lunch.

      in the long run, it's saving me 10 bucks that day.

      non-negotiables are thursdays when the bon me truck is there ... because ... bahn mi!