About a Girl

In 2001, I started reading an online blog called "Shelleyness" and the fantastic James Lileks. Inspired by both of them, I began writing online. Nearly a decade later, I am ready to let go of the hand-designed Dreamweaver based journal and embrace "Web 2.0" using blogger.

There is a brief span in the middle of everything where the blog was maintained on Journalspace, but that blog was eaten by said site when it shut down. All that content is lost and gone forever.

Beginning in July 2010, I started copying the Dreamweaver journal over here, mostly for the ease of layout but also the cheapness. It also will be good because I find I have less time to do the design work, so I've stopped writing as much. I know I still have stories to tell after 9 years of this, so it would be a good idea to get myself into a mode where writing happens.

And so I will be doing just that.

Originally posted in 2001, edited repeatedly:
the gratuitous "about me" page
Since online journalling became popular in the 1990s, folks have included some sort of confessional, informational page outlining the particulars of who they are. 

Some folks are big fat liars who make these outlandish personae up, and we fall into it and believe every damn word until the big lie is exposed. Others are pretty up front and honest, sometimes too upfront and honest. People too often betray where they are from, or give out too much information. That can get them into trouble, be it fired from their jobs or stalked by some wacky jackass from points far afield. And then they question why and want protection or justice. They're idiots. Plain and simple. 

Me? I am somewhere in the middle. 

My name is Christine. I am 44 as of this writing. I began an online journal in June of 2001 after reading every last blessed word written by Shelleyness (I miss her) and James Lileks. I consider the two of them my Blogparents... and I'm not sure either of them would mind the distinction. I got onto the bandwagon before many of the online "cookie cutter" blog tools were popular. I use Dreamweaver and Photoshop for the layout and design of my sites, and have several years of archives to pick out of if I feel at some point like giving you the back story, the ancient history, the Dead Sea Scrolls of my writing.

Over the years, I have not made up fake names for the people in my life (or myself) but I don't give out my street address and my measurements. You'll find no naked pictures here (of me or my family, you pig!) and you'll find that we lead a pretty run of the mill life. I do not blog about details of my work. 

My basic philosophy is "what would happen if my mom, my mother in law or my boss read this?" and I use that as a barometer for what to say and who to rant/complain about. And how much sailor talk I am going to throw into the mix.

Vocationally, I have been a web designer since about 1998 or so. The past couple of years have been rather dry and lumpy for me. For about six years, I worked for a company initially based in in Marblehead but later moved to Salem, doing content management for their product, some QA/Testing work, some Grammar Overlording, and a tiny bit of graphic design. It was a living. And a fun one at that. Until March of 2010.

Politically, I believe I'm boxed in the "fiscally conservative, socially moderate" box. I proclaim my faith in Christianity, but have no problem with you being whatever you want to be, believe what you want, do what you want.

(on December 23, 2010 I removed the paragraph talking about what I think about gay marriage and abortion and adoption. No one needs to hear from me about those topics here. If you ever want to talk stuff like that over with me, let's get to know each other first, maybe have a beer, and then we can discuss it).

The Players
I am married to Doug, have been for going on 20 years and wouldn't have it any other way (and I do think he feels the same). We met in College and dated through that period of life. 

While many people from our alma mater got married the day after commencement. We waited a bit, and then decided that it was meant to be. 

Insert large "Aaaawwwww" sound here. 

We spent the first few months of married bliss living in Boston, then we moved to Atlanta and hated it. We came back and settled back here in this area (northeast MA) and have been here since. We've considered moving elsewhere, but. Meh.

We are proud parents to Jessica and Geoffrey, ages 18 and 14 respectively. I write a lot about Jessica's mad skills at acting and being a Simpsons fanatic, and Geoff's learning disabilities, Boy Scouts and his humor. Jess is currently a student at a University somewhere in western Pennsylvania, and Geoff is in 8th grade and getting ready to interview for high schools in our area that better suit his skill set.
In Manhattan, I believe 2005

An attempt at a Christmas Portrait, 2008

We have had a series of dogs through the life of this journal.  Missy and Kinger have gone before. Currently we have Jack, Brodie and Gonzo. 

Dogs are mentioned often, and as Andre Braugher's character Frank Pembleton said in "Homicide: Life on the Streets," 

"Life would be perfect if it was just kids and dogs."

Other dramatis personae are 
Linda -- my younger sister
Ronnie (or Ronniw) -- her husband as of 2007
Aaron -- Our good and best friend, who paintchipped off the wall of life in 2005 and split from his wife Michelle. Through the early years of the Journal they are mentioned often. Once they split up we lost all our fun. No free vacation spot in Bar Harbor to stay at... sigh. But Michelle now lives in southern Maine and Aaron lives in western Oregon on the coast. 
Keri -- my really good friend who runs a summer camp for Shakespeare,  adopted a girl from Siberia, tried to adopt her sister, and has had a life changing experience during her latest 3 month stay over in Russia. She is my hero.