Thursday, August 01, 2002


We spent the day in New Hampshire and Maine, first at the lovely sea side city of Portsmouth, one of the few places I'd willingly pack up and move to this evening if I were told to do so. It's a wonderful, small, old city, hip and pretty, and has gorgeous gardens which I'd gleefully walk around and volunteer my time to help grow. Doug brought three cases of books to the book seller, she took a total of 1 and he go 35 clams in store credit. So he shopped for books while we walked around Prescott Park and the gardens. Geoff harassed a few pigeons, who seemed to just flutter up and land again a few yards away, barely perturbed. We then went up to Kittery to geocache at Ft. McClary. Ft. McClary is similar to the wonderful Ft. Knox in northern Maine where we've been several times with Aaron and Michelle, only it is much smaller, and there is a cool wooden house like building that you can go around in. There's a geocache up at Ft. Knox, which we must do when we go up next.

The geocache was fairly easy, and we spent a great deal of time goofing off around the fort. Geoff was in super whiney mode, so he got a couple timeouts. We hoped after a good cry he'd have it out of his system and be better, but he didn't improve.

We went to Cape Neddick, to see the Nubble light, my mom is heavy into lighthouses. This one looks a lot like the lighthouse her father was keeper of back in the 50s down on the Cape at Nobska. We thought she'd like it.

We came home, grilled dinner, and that's about it.

Oh, but then there was this incident. We were at Nubble, and I wanted my mom to take the above featured picture of Douglas and me. I turned around to show her how to use the camera, and looked into the LCD to see this lovely sight featured at left.

Now, you know, it's been a really long time since I've had a wicked, nasty, good laugh. I mean, a laugh that makes me almost pee.

This one didn't. I wish it had. I think I was more stunned than anything. Like a deer in the headlights.

This guy had no IDEA his back door had an opening, and I snapped the picture right before the lady in the orange shirt (presumably his wife/girlfriend/his baby's momma, sporting nasty prison tattoos and carrying said baby) let him know to pull up the drawers to stop the draft.

I laughed. I know. I'm cruel. I'm a cruel bitch.

But YOU are laughing too.

I know you are. Stop it. Now you're making ME laugh again. Aw man.

My mother and I laughed and laughed, and Doug was very curious as to what was so damn funny, so I showed him the digital image. He pretended to be aghast that I'd take such a picture. Snarf. Yeah.

Like I'd pass this opportunity up.


Here are some pictures of our day. More ass free pictures are over at the geocache site for the Ft. McClary Cache. Go and check 'em out, remember to scroll down to the comments and look for the entry by "Team Screamapillar." In the mean time, that's about it.

A view through the window at Fort McClary at York Harbor
Going up the steps into the fort. Nice blue sky
Grandma sticks out her head to say hi!
Monkey See, Monkey Do
Spoooky tunnnnnnellllll.....
Aaaaah!! It's the ghost of Fort McClary!
This was weird... looks like a picture or painting on a wall, but it's another shot of the view out a window. This was on a little boat in Portsmouth Harbor that was open for tours today. Grandma with the Nubble light house. The 350 in the background to the right of the light is the amount of years York Maine has been an incorporated town.

hey, you look much closer than i thought...

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