Friday, April 18, 2003

phonecall from my new boss

Got a phone call today while babysitting Mr. Baby Ben. From my new boss.

Yeah! My new Boss!

"Get OUT!" you say. "No WAY!" you yell.

And I respond, "Way!"

I start Tuesday, seeing as Monday is a holiday for many people in the state of Massachusetts (Patriot's Day). I have to go take a drug test on Tuesday afternoon, after I spend some time at work, and it should be all cool. As long as I don't eat any poppy seed bagels. I'll work Wednesday, and I promised to watch Baby Ben on Thursday in addition to my regular Friday, so those two days will be my intro to the fire of my new job.

At last, my long stretch of underemployednessness comes to a close. I'm not full-time employed, but at 28 hours a week, plus whatever I do for cateringman, I should make some okay money this summer. A long time ago I said that I realized I will probably not make the money I made at my last real job... but at least I'm closer to fine. Whew.

And, I told my boss I wanted to keep watching Baby Ben on Fridays and asked if that fit into her idea of the schedule -- meaning that I'd fit my 28 hours in Monday thru Thursday, and she was so hip to that.


Today both of my kids came down with me to babysit. We played UNO with Peg, Dan and Ben (Brian is on vacation) and my son did all kinds of great embarrassing things like belching at the table and asking Dan if the cell phone and beeper attached to his belt on his hip were his "Fart Phone."

Ben and Dan got a real kick out of him, and just kept feeding him inappropriate responses while I cringed and said "Hey buddy, that's not a nice question, and YOU should know better Dan than to answer that way" all while trying not to laugh my ass off.

Jessica was good with the baby but was afraid of him. If he cried and she couldn't figure out what was wrong she would look at me rather sheepishly and shrug. They all played really well together, and it was nice to have her extra set of hands there with me when I needed them. She figured out how to switch from the DVD player back to the tv so we didn't have to watch the three Sesame Street DVDs over and over and over all day, and, she also figured out some cool things with the remote that I didn't know.

Smartypants kid.

Dan's wife gave me flowers (she owns a flower shop in Boston) so I have a gorgeous little flower bouquet of lilies and roses and snapdragons on the table. Huzzah! They smell deadly, and I am swimming in their scent.

So nice.

This morning our phone rang at 7am. It never does that. I thought for a minute that it might be Geoff's school asking me to sub, but... it being Good Friday and me knowing they're closed for the day, I quickly realized that whatever message would be left would not be from the director there.

I got up and couldn't find the phone. I hate when we leave it off the base at night -- the battery dies and then we're discombobulated trying to find it in sleepy stupor.

It was Aaron -- and he thought he was catching us all as we were heading out the door to go on our way to school and work.

Uh... no? Holiday for Doug and the kids?

Really... Aaron was surprised because in Maine they didn't have the day off. He was uber apologetic and laughed... "Did I wake you up?"

Uh... yeah but I had to get up in 10 minutes anyway to get ready to go out.

He was calling to see if they could spend the night here instead of driving all the way to his parents' in one fell swoop. Michelle couldn't get the day off of work, so they wouldn't be getting to his folks until incredibly late. We're still 3 hours north of where they are, so we're a good way station along the line. Always up for their visits, I agreed.

One thing I am noticing though is my incredible disdain for Emily on the Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

I hate her.

I liked her the last time she was in the competition, when Timmy Beggy was her partner and they did pretty well. But she is such a bitch.

Anyone else watching this show or am I the only 36 year old dorkus malorkus out there into it?

Anyway -- I'd have to smack her if I met her in person.

Doug had the house to himself while the kids and I were out, and he cleaned the kitchen and bathroom.

I should get out there and give a wicked scrub down of the living room and vacuum all the massive tons of dog hair under the coffee table and fishtank. Do everything I should have done between last weekend and this week. I'm such the procrastinator.

We have to figure out what to do for dinner. I so need a cup of tea or something to give me a wakey wakey boost so I can do all those things.

So I'm off to be productive. Sorry I'm not more interesting than this. I'll leave you with the fact Geoff just got yelled at for dancing in the kitchen -- with a knife.

Oh my wonderful life.

Have a good weekend, if you're reading this. Be sure to go to an Easter service wherever you are if you are of the faith... you can get up in the morning and put on a clean dress or shave and put on a tie. Jesus rose from the dead for cryin' out loud. You get up and get out there.

And, if you don't... at least get up and enjoy spring, wouldya? Take a nice walk. Have some fun. Be good.

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