Sunday, February 01, 2004

Are you ready for some football???

Hey what a pretty good Sunday this has been, and a pretty good all around weekend. Now, if the Pats win the superbowl, all will be right with the world and I'll be a happy gal.

Woke up incredibly early this morning, and was the only one willing to go to church so I went. Instead of a sermon, we did a hymn sing for 20 minutes. People went through the hymnal and picked the songs they wanted to sing and our organist played whatever was thrown at him.

It made me think of They Might Be Giants Dial A Song and I laughed to myself (I'm absolutely positive that I'm the only one out of the 80 people there who thought of TMBG at that given moment). We sang some good ones, some downright weird ones, and some that were totally episcopalian, victorian America and funny to hear played.

It was a good time. How weird am I that sight reading hymns and picking out the alto line makes me happy. I know after 3 years you can't be surprised or shocked that this entertained me and made me smile. Regular readers know I'm just a touch off.

Anyway -- got home to a house that was in the process of being totally decorated by my son. He was getting psyched for the Pats appearance in the superbowl. Until last week he was hands down against the Pats, seeing as the Steelers weren't in the big game. But somehow, he woke up this morning a changed man.

He made signs, and was cheering (he still is) and was completely off the hook with happiness and singing "Panthers need their pampers" in a singsongy taunty voice.

Oh -- it's kick off time. I may have to pick this up later. Who am I kidding, I WILL pick this up later. There's more to talk about. So if you're reading this and nothing appears after this paragraph, be sure to come back later. I'll "blog style" this entry with an addition. I'm ready for some pizza rolls and football. Are you?

Right then -- halftime.

Pre-game was ridiculous. While Josh Groban performed a nice and very uplifting song, the whole tie in with NASA was absolutely ridiculous and pandering, and laughable. The ... astronaut guy coming up and standing on the moon surface made me choke on pizza rolls and I almost fell off the couch.

It was interterrible.

I seriously almost had a heart attack. Oh. My. God.

Kick off, fun ness -- the superbowl underweigh. A very boring first quarter which got blown awake with some serious touchdown action. Jessica spoiled us rotten by preparing pizza rolls and bringing us beer, and I think I owe her some money for being sweetest hostess ever. I didn't need to lift a finger. She did all the work.

Things were slightly dull there, but when the Pats went ahead I was all comfy and happy. Watching a defensive battle is hard because while it's awesome that the defenses keep anything from getting to the endzone rather impressively, it makes for boring football.

Jake and the boys tied the score with a stupendous touchdown that I didn't think they'd get the throw off for. With a score of 7-7, it's a good thing Vinatieri didn't blow the field goal that brought the Pats back into the lead.

Then, that halftime show.

I ... expect halftime shows to blow. After the U2 show 2 years ago, which was the best show ever, nothing can possibly be good. 2 years ago, I somehow thought they milked the 9/11 thing a bit but overall the live performance that the offered was pure and unadulterated beauty.

But by far, this year's halftime which I just watched... this years was the most craptacular halftime I've ever seen.

The segue between P. Diddy and Nelly with "Oh Diddy you're so fine" was ridiculous. Janet Jackson's songs are more ambient than performance. She is allegedly singing, but it's really 20 tracks of her singing harmony over herself, so most of her songs aren't really stadium worthy.

Best part of the halftime performance was Kid Rock and you know I HATE saying that. I think he wears an American flag well. The non-music "Rythym Nation" song, which is like 17 friggin years old, wasn't exactly thrilling. I mean, who got together and said "Hey, let's have Janet Jackson perform an "oldie" of hers..."


Next was Mr. Timberlake, and while Justin is easy on the eyes, he's a no talent ass clown. That performance of "Rock Your Body" was hardly rockin' in any sense of the word.

Can someone tell me if I saw Janet's boobie there at the very end? Justin whipped her red bra-like item thing off her chest, and I think that act exposed her entire bresticle in a rather stunning way.

Did anyone else catch that? I don't think Janet intended us to see that.

Well, whether or not I was intended to see Janet's boobie, the second half is on and I'm going to go watch it. Geoff has finally run out of gas. He's on the couch with a pillow and he's trying to wave his "Go Pat's" flag (yes, that's an apostrophe in there. He thinks it belongs. I'll scan it later for you) homemade flag. Doug burned himself on pizza roles and I'm sorry you can't hear the noise he made. I wanted to comfort him, but I was too busy laughing hysterically at the noise which he blurted out upon inhaling lava hot pizza stuffing.

The commercials have sucked so far, except for the AOL commercials with Paulie and Senior and Mikey.

Right then, more later.



Oh God Oh God Oh God! That was amazing. The Pats won. Almost didn't but holy flerkin' schnit they did.

I have a headache. A stomach ache. A back ache. I'm ready for bed. That, my friends, was the most amazing finish to a football game ever.

And with that, to bed. More later. TTFN.

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