Monday, February 16, 2004

zombie girl

My head is in a fog today. It's 2:30pm, and I'm just sort of waking up. No, there was no huge alcohol induced bender. I drove Aaron to the airport, and we left at 4:45am. I was home and back in my bed at 6:30, but didn't fall back asleep until after Doug was up and out the door at about 8.

I slept until the phone rang at 9... woke up for a while, took the dogs out, fell back asleep, woke up, made lunch for the kids, fell back asleep on the fold out couch in the living room while they ate and watched spongebob. Woke up again...

I am truly zombie at this point.

Top it off with the fact we had a very busy weekend, and I think I'm glad I'm not working at this point because my brain is just plain shut off.

Friday night I stayed up until 1:30am to watch BNL on Conan. I hope Comedy Central is rerunning it today at 7pm. They did "Testing 1,2,3" which was a welcome relief from the chimp song, which they've done over and over... time to get a new single out there and hopefully light a fire for this album. It's sold very few copies compared to Maroon and Stunt... I think that the label may be disappointed with it. I think it's a good album. It isn't Gordon, but... it's a good album. They need another single off of it for sure.

Saturday I got up very early to get Jessica up and ready for play rehearsal, and didn't head back to bed because I knew it would make me feel like I do today.

We went Geocaching. We set out for four of them and got none. I wrote about our adventures in full in my journalspace journal. Normally I save the longwinded stuff for over here, and point from there to here. Not sure why I did it the other way around. So if you'd like to read the details of our trip to the woods of Freemont NH, here you go. Click here.

We emailed another cacher in the area who hit the cache the same day, successfully, and asked if he'd mind advising us as to where we screwed up. He gladly obliged. Gotta love the geocaching community.

Aaron came to the house at 7pm and I made some ass kicking burritos. While we were all insanely tired, we sat up talking late.

Sunday morning Geoff woke up at 7am, and I worked to keep him quiet so Aaron could rest, but at about 9:30 there was no keeping him from his hero, and Aaron got all woken up by the boy. Not too bad a night's sleep. We got ourselves organized and went down to the Franklin Park Zoo, now that the gorillas are back we figured it'd be a good place to spend the day, and it was.

We had dinner at the Chinese buffet in Andover, and all came home totally stuffed, zombified, ready to watch the Simpsons and crash.

And then 4:30am came, and it was early and I'm now very out of sync for where my mind should be at 3pm on any given day.

Anyway... I will make some tea. Hang here for a minute.

Right -- I'm back. A good cuppa is always nice. Although I know I use teabags and not good strained leaves steeped just right and British, I think they're on to something with a good afternoon tea. I even had time to whip up a banana bread and throw it into the oven. The joys of being home and not having to rush to do something, get somewhere.

Sigh -- I know these days may end shortly.

I have to make a list of things that need to be done. And I need to get these things done. Here is a start:

  • I need to send in the rebate info for the software I bought to help fix my computer. That's 50 bucks right there.
  • I have to have breakfast with Carrie
  • I have to go to our pastor's house and help her with her PC. I think I know what's wrong, and God help her if it's what I had.
  • I cleaned the study up as much as I could while the computer was dead. It's starting to get messy again so I need to reapply my cleaning an organizational expertise to this area.
  • Our bedroom needs a total overhaul.
  • Our vacuum needs a visit to the vacuum cleaner hospital because there is something godforsaken stuck in the tube, and I can't get it out. Probably a small rodent which hid in dog hair and was sucked up from under the couch. Or one of Geoff's errant socks.
  • The Passat needs an oil change. I could bring that up to the corner today, but... meh.
  • I have to go out to our cache that we made for Michael back in August. Seems the second clue has gone missing. I think I will positively do that tomorrow. It'll be a quick easy trip with just the boy. And while I'm at it, I should do cache maintenance on our other two area caches, and scope out a location where we can deploy another cache. We bought ammo boxes in Salem last weekend. Can't wait to do another hide!
  • Our bathroom walls need retiling.
  • Geoff's room needs complete reorganization.
  • Jessie's room needs complete reorganization.
  • Our kitchen and livingroom need complete reorganization.
  • Update the church website, the MHC website, talk to professor CM about the other project we started before he went on sabbatical, update cateringman's website, check for dead links on the portal website I made for the history department of a local private school, finish the dart people, and see if I can't drum up another site or two to do.
  • Jumpstart the monkey reference website. People actually miss it

These are the achievables for the next week or so. I know these can be done. Add to that sending out resumes and keeping my children from punching the crap out of each other when they disagree and this will be a busy time.

Finally, before I go -- does anyone out there in the world have the SONY Cybershot 1.3 megapixels camera? I cannot find my CD to install the drivers, and the Sony website is no help whatsoever. Wondering if another reader has the same camera. If you do -- email me please and we'll figure out a way for you to get that to me. I think for right now I can go to Walgreens or something and they can at least download my pictures to CD so I can get them off of my camera, but man... what a pain in the ass.

Anyway... banana bread should be done. Gotta go check on it. More later as always.

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