Friday, October 31, 2003

Halloween Devils and Gypsies

My children are raking through their halloween loot, Doug is watching 8 legged freaks, and I'm here to share some pictures of tonight's festivities.

The weather was once again sterling -- not cold not warm, a light sweater and a flashlight were all that was needed. Jessica got invited to a friend's house to trick or treat, so we let her go. I dressed her quickly, she went as a gypsy, same as last year, so the get up was relatively simple to pull off.

For weeks, Geoff repeatedly told me that this year he wanted to be a devil, and I was somewhat opposed. For a child who already has a bad rap as a behavior case at school, does a parent want to perpetuate the image by dressing her child up as the Prince of Darkness?

I hemmed and hawed, asked him if he wouldn't rather be a Ninja of some sort. He told me no -- Devil. A Red Fire Devil. He had it all planned out, to the detail.

It was a very easy costume to put together, and he made a very fetching devil. This morning he was up early and all ready to get in suit. The first, second and kindergarten grades in his school do a parade to all the other grade levels, so he was psyched for that.

I didn't put the face makeup on him in full, but I did take a black eyeliner and give him a little beard, some scary eyebrows and a very mischievous moustache. We purchased copper hair spikey gel to make a "fire" look in his blonde locks. The result is as follows:

His teacher saw him coming up the hall, and absolutely melted "Here's my special little devil!" she cooed to him, he gave her a big hi-five and went into the classroom. All the kids went berserk. They LOVED him. "Wow! Look at Geoff! Your hair is SO COOL! I love your horns! I love your beard! I love your glasses! (like they never noticed them before).

He was celebrity personified. And to quote BNL "All the jaws will drop and all the girls will scream, there will be commotion when I show up on the scene..."

He was celebrity.

He had a fabulous day at school, and by the time I got home he'd already put another five dollars worth of copper hair gel in his hair and it had dried. It was all in like one concentrated spot. It was a mess. A bunch of water and a stern brushing later and it looked passable. We sent Jessie off, ate dinner and then I started the face painting.

By the way, even though she wasn't with us for all the fun, Jessie does deserve a picture here.

She looks a little like Little Steven I think. Not quite as good a job dressing her this year as last, but heck, she was happy, and that's all that mattered. She's had that "crystal ball" on her desk all year... keeps it on a stand. I must admit, I am very proud it has held up.

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