Thursday, October 30, 2003

Lost in the woods, again

Geoff and I went out and hid a geocache this afternoon. We had just enough light to get it done. Round trip it's a little less than a mile. I love multi caches. The final hiding spot is right near where you park, so it's kind of evil that way. Heh heh heh.

He scared the crap out of me tonight. He was right behind me and we were walking back to the truck, having finished hiding the multi-cache hints. I got to the truck, turned around, and he wasn't there. I thought maybe he was throwing sticks into the pond, so I trucked it back the .18 miles (GPS wise) to the pondside -- no Geoff.

It was now pretty damn dark. I started calling for him--and I heard him off in the distance calling back to me.

I ran to the trail, looked for him, and realized he must have turned left or around at a certain point. I had two options, and I held my breath and started towards where I thought he might be...

I made the right choice and he came running to me. He was scared shitless, and he told me that he had dropped his devil horns (they kept popping off his head) so he turned around to get them. Then, he turned the wrong way on the path. All this happened in a few short seconds. I'm totally relieved that he didn't fall into the pond or something, but here on in I won't run on autopilot thinking he's my shadow. Usually when we are heading back to the vehicle that's when he is most compliant and obedient... had he told me his horns had fallen off, I would have gone back to help him, but he made the choice himself to go look alone.

Lessons learned.

I've got some really funny stuff to post -- Bonnie sent me pictures of actual for-real album covers from days gone by, and a couple of them so BEG for me to make fun of them in this forum. I got them today at work and laughed my ass off. I had to be quiet or... I'd plotz. I'll save the album cover mocking for another day. I mostly want to get this up online and go whip up dinner. Tomorrow will be a lot of fun... Geoff is being a devil and we got all the things he needs to be uber scary cool. In a cute and cuddly way. And Jessie is going as a gypsy again, which makes my life very easy.

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