Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wake me up when September ends...

Continuing in the theme of things one should do when one is sad, the other day I bought 2 tickets to the upcoming Barenaked Ladies show in December in Portland Maine. And as soon as they go on sale, four tickets to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut the following night. Four because Ronnie and Linda will join us. It's Ronnie's birthday on the 3rd, so it is a smash bang whammo fun casino birthday weekend. Nice! This cheered me up leaps and bounds. I'm still sad, but the Ladies always make me feel better.

There have been three or four pet deaths in the last week in my read circle. Nance lost her cat Nunzio. Andi and Joe at Worst Weblog Ever had a horrible loss when their cat Furio suddenly died last week. Annie's Lil Bear has been hovering on the brink of a diagnosis of FIP which sounds like it could mean imminent death and the possible contamination of her other cats if she isn't incredibly thorough in cleaning for the foreseable future.

And in the midst of this, I know someone who is adopting a gorgeous yellow lab mix this weekend. I can hope only that this brings some sort of karmic balance to our surrounding pet universe, and that by all the loss this rescue and adoption is perfect and wonderful and lasts for millions of happy geocaches.

Geoff has a field trip to Fenway Park today. I'm jealous. I wanted to go as a chaperone, but I didn't get picked. I never get picked for the cool trips, just the lame ones. So I need to go pack his lunch. Work has been ever chaotic.

Oh-- send Jessie good mojo this afternoon. She's got an audition (gosh, I sounded just like Wil Wheaton there for a second, requesting audition mojo! yikes!) at 2:30, and she wants a good role. She didn't get a lead last year, what with being in 7th grade, so she's hoping for a good one this year. Cross fingers. Please.

And that, my friends, is that. We're off to the bus.

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